Delightful Habytation: “Smallest Apartment in US”

I am still getting used to SMALL  Hong Kong spaces, and I have a few American friends who boast about their big spaces in US, which doesn’t help at all. But New York  is not far from Hong Kong! Not that I am happy about that. From a very early age, I knew individuals need their individual, personal, private spaces. (I digress.)

In Hong Kong, I had lived in a 14 sqm. (150 sqft). studio which was really tiny to house my bathroom, kitchen (aka. an electronic stove over a .50 x .60 m table and a petite fridge), and bedroom. A living room is out of the question. I was assuming New York had to be better. Apparently, I guessed wrong.

Instead of posting images, let me share one of my addictions, watching YouTube videos.

Please have a go at this:

It is not exactly a delightful space, but if you are struggling in small spaces, this guy living in a 7.2 sqm. (78 sqft.) for five years may give you some tips and tricks, and a practical mindset. Our small space can be delightful with a functional design (and affordable budget), agree?


Friday Frolics: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

These shots were take a little less than two years ago- some favorites from my collection. What I love about them is the fact that most, if not all, of them are unplanned, unstrategized shots and they turned out to be more pleasant than expected.

habyt 04.25 (5)


habyt 04.25 (6)

habyt 04.25 (4)

habyt 04.25 (1)

habyt 04.25 (2)

habyt 04.25 (3)

This last one looks kind of morbid and sad. Sorry. I took a picture cos this was my first time seeing a jellyfish (not constrained in an aquarium).

These were from  my short trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar– they call it a “living museum.” A fitting description to the hotel/resort. The owner was more than thoughtful of salvaging these traditional Filipino architecture and congregating them together where locals and tourist could experience the beauty, charm, and artistry of the Filipino people collectively. They were working with a few more additions the last time I visited; hope to go back in the near future and see what they’ve done!

Ps. If you want a better view of what they have to offer, visit their website. 🙂 I promise the architecture and interior is breathtaking. Have a few shots of them myself here.

Delightful Habytation: Harriet Anstruther

Rarely do I see an interior space receiving immediate response of: “My dream home!” But with the perfect turn of events, I came across Harriet Anstruther’s self-designed, eye-candy abode and marveled at how she almost perfectly got my taste. Browsing through her website, I didn’t  realize I screen-capped her entire house!


 You always read it on good, worthwhile coffee table books: details matter a great deal.


Luxury and ingenuity redefined.


(Formal Living Room) In fashion, I believe this style should be what’s referred as “androgynous.” It’s applicable to interior spaces as well. 😉


No write-up necessary.


(Living Room) Give me this for a living room and I’d have no qualms whatsoever.


I would give up any chair I own to have an original Panton Chair.

I’d give all chair I ever owned to have a Panton Chair with this home office.


I could only hope for this. Colors are largely too masculine for my taste, but somehow the floral arrangement, feminine form of the armchair, the shabby pedestal, and walls brimmed with images gave off enough femininity to still be a dream of mine.


“Grand” and “elegance” in their most simplistic, down-to-earth interpretation.

new-web-main-page16 - Copy

Odd as it is, this corridor leading to the bathroom is my icing on this cake. It’s becoming rare to witness such design priority given to a space perceived “unworthy” of design. Lined french doors could apparently do so much, and those wood parquet are complementing beyond description.

Visit her website for more of these appetizing interiors. Happy Tuesday!

heART and Design: Lucite Furniture by July Zhou

Lucite trend has been introduced since the 40’s but I believe, for the most part, it has been only prevalent on accessories and maybe some small furnishings. I became rightly exposed and jaw-dropped to them in the late 2009, when I came across Starck‘s Louis Ghost chair.


I have always been biased on European designs (French!) and have never recalled being head over heels over Asian, but let me share a fab find: lucite ASIAN furniture pieces. Asians, somehow tend to be more conservative, and I think it reflects on our design aesthetics; however these lucite Asian pieces are just an unexpected beauty. One of the perfect blending examples of East meets West.

July Zhou

The quirky, whimsical twist is sure to be a conversational piece, and when they compliment, be sure to add that these items are also hand-carved and polished! Getting your money’s worth is a sure thing. To cap that off, quoting Laura Kirar’s Elle Décor interview, “Transparency is a sure sign of quality.”

Fascinating, aren’t they? All pieces are by July Zhou, purchase them here. If I could splurge myself with one of them, I would get my hands on Forever Administrator’s Chair. It’s so refreshing to see an iconic Ming/Qing Dynasty piece played with such a risky move. Which one appeals to you most?

Delightful Habytation: LWren Scott + Mick Jagger

I have been staring at this image for over a year. It’s not my type of pink, not my choice of print, not my typical artwork, I’d have opted for different floral arrangements, a more mod, Western bedside lamp, perhaps? But somehow, it’s addicting. It sucks me in deep like the hole that got hold of Alice. So if this defines my definition of beauty, there’s a lot to learn. And I cannot explain the excitement that surfaces knowing there is still this vast playground to venture upon.

Disclaimer: Image grabbed from here.

Tonight or Never

The day I finally publish this blog is a day I’ll remember for years to come. I’ve named, renamed, designed, redesigned, brainstormed and prayed about having my own (long-running) blog for an unknown amount of months after university. [Cutting myself short.] And today, here is yet another which I sincerely plan to nurture.

…I envy people with seemingly incessant sum of talents, especially towards the art realm- visual arts, performing arts, literature, culinary arts. But I have always admired people who would ungrudgingly shave off a couple of ZzzZzz-ing hours just to pursue their dream by (temporarily) taking them on as night jobs. So here’s to me, and here’s to me trying to give up my habit of over-sleeping. And cheers to me seeking to share the beauty I see in life. From tonight onwards, this is my self-proclaimed night-job.

Before facing another hectic Monday, I am finally shying away from timidity and looking forward to hitting “publish” every now and then. For the great many that are like me- confident when alone- NOW is the time! Pursue that job, work for that life (but sleep for those eye bags! ;)). “Later” usually rarely comes around.

Good night. See you in the morning! 🙂