Tonight or Never

The day I finally publish this blog is a day I’ll remember for years to come. I’ve named, renamed, designed, redesigned, brainstormed and prayed about having my own (long-running) blog for an unknown amount of months after university. [Cutting myself short.] And today, here is yet another which I sincerely plan to nurture.

…I envy people with seemingly incessant sum of talents, especially towards the art realm- visual arts, performing arts, literature, culinary arts. But I have always admired people who would ungrudgingly shave off a couple of ZzzZzz-ing hours just to pursue their dream by (temporarily) taking them on as night jobs. So here’s to me, and here’s to me trying to give up my habit of over-sleeping. And cheers to me seeking to share the beauty I see in life. From tonight onwards, this is my self-proclaimed night-job.

Before facing another hectic Monday, I am finally shying away from timidity and looking forward to hitting “publish” every now and then. For the great many that are like me- confident when alone- NOW is the time! Pursue that job, work for that life (but sleep for those eye bags! ;)). “Later” usually rarely comes around.

Good night. See you in the morning! 🙂



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