heART and Design: Lucite Furniture by July Zhou

Lucite trend has been introduced since the 40’s but I believe, for the most part, it has been only prevalent on accessories and maybe some small furnishings. I became rightly exposed and jaw-dropped to them in the late 2009, when I came across Starck‘s Louis Ghost chair.


I have always been biased on European designs (French!) and have never recalled being head over heels over Asian, but let me share a fab find: lucite ASIAN furniture pieces. Asians, somehow tend to be more conservative, and I think it reflects on our design aesthetics; however these lucite Asian pieces are just an unexpected beauty. One of the perfect blending examples of East meets West.

July Zhou

The quirky, whimsical twist is sure to be a conversational piece, and when they compliment, be sure to add that these items are also hand-carved and polished! Getting your money’s worth is a sure thing. To cap that off, quoting Laura Kirar’s Elle Décor interview, “Transparency is a sure sign of quality.”

Fascinating, aren’t they? All pieces are by July Zhou, purchase them here. If I could splurge myself with one of them, I would get my hands on Forever Administrator’s Chair. It’s so refreshing to see an iconic Ming/Qing Dynasty piece played with such a risky move. Which one appeals to you most?


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