Delightful Habytation: “Smallest Apartment in US”

I am still getting used to SMALL  Hong Kong spaces, and I have a few American friends who boast about their big spaces in US, which doesn’t help at all. But New York  is not far from Hong Kong! Not that I am happy about that. From a very early age, I knew individuals need their individual, personal, private spaces. (I digress.)

In Hong Kong, I had lived in a 14 sqm. (150 sqft). studio which was really tiny to house my bathroom, kitchen (aka. an electronic stove over a .50 x .60 m table and a petite fridge), and bedroom. A living room is out of the question. I was assuming New York had to be better. Apparently, I guessed wrong.

Instead of posting images, let me share one of my addictions, watching YouTube videos.

Please have a go at this:

It is not exactly a delightful space, but if you are struggling in small spaces, this guy living in a 7.2 sqm. (78 sqft.) for five years may give you some tips and tricks, and a practical mindset. Our small space can be delightful with a functional design (and affordable budget), agree?


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