heART and Design: A Well-traveled Duck

So today was hectic. But for me, there should come a mobile break every now and then. And I was surprised to receive such a number of images from friends…images of ducks. Usually, I would be repelled and be hurling my phone precisely at that instant, but this gigantic rubber ducky is so cute! I cannot deny.

Yeah, it’s finally in Hong Kong! From May 2-June 9, apparently. It’s an art installation that’s already been to thirteen cities (in nine countries) since 2007. And now that it’s gracing Hong Kong, lucky people who have an office desk overlooking Victoria Harbour can humour themselves despite their typical Hong Kong haste and busyness. And for people who do not have this luxury, like myself, we can simply buy some rubber ducky and a fish bowl. It’ll look approximately the same size (probably bigger) anyway, right?:p



Some images sent by friends.

On a serious note, people should know the reason behind this art, here’s the ingenious Dutch artist’s explanation:

It [his art] means that we’re living on one planet, we’re one family. And all the waters in the world is our bathtub. It joins people together, it makes us a family. It also means we have to take care of each other… Be responsible about this planet as we are responsible for our own house and bath. That’s the idea.” – Florentijn Hofman

Art is ALWAYS not just for the eyes.

Happy Thursday, world! Love and appreciate art more, life is most definitely monotonous without it.

Ps. Next destination would be somewhere in US. Keep an eye out for this! 🙂

Disclaimer: Click images and respective key words for their rightful sources.


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