Friday Frolics: Shek-O

I have spent a grueling amount of time away from the beach, but now that summer is in the air, there’s no excuse to lock myself indoors. Shek-O is on top of my beach destinations. It is listed as one of the beaches in Hong Kong, and it is right smack in Hong Kong Island- on the south side, over looking South China Sea. Cost is less than $30 getting to and from there by bus (from the Island’s eastern district) and scrumptious meals are around $35 on the average. This pretty much is the total cost of spending an afternoon there. For miscellaneous necessities like renting a locker, it costs about $50 for three hours, while renting a bike is around $30 for an hour, and a parasol would be $100/day- if I am not mistaken. Various beach items are also sold in nearby shops in case you miss bringing anything. They cost a bit more but, hey, if you’re already there, what practical thing is left to do, right?

I would say it is really refreshing to visit these suburbs of Hong Kong. Such lovely, unexpected escapes considering they could probably be reached in less than an hour’s trip from the polluted, crowded cities. Here are some images to drag you there this summer:

shek-o 2012 (5)

shek-o 2012 (4)

shek-o 2012 (1)

shek-o 2012 (2)

shek-o 2012 (3)

Went there around June 2012. I’d say it was a nice experience altogether. Water’s clear, obviously. Sand was fine. And on top of that, it was not so crowded, but it was not desolate either.

More of Hong Kong beaches and retreats in the following weeks to come. I am also expecting to read a lot more blogs on beaches around the world as the season’s calling for them. Although, I have to admit, as much as I love the water, I am sad cold season’s over.

Ps. Please excuse my shaky arms, I’m getting a tripod (or sturdier arms) soon!

Pps. Prices are in HKD. Click here  for currency conversions.


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