“Hanging by a thread” was conceived while brainstorming for a brand name to my still non-existent business. It idiomatically refers to something which is likely an imminent failure. Come to think of it, aren’t we all if it was not for Jesus? He is our Thread. So HAnging BY a Thread (HABYT) represents me and everything in my life. We’re all hanging on to Jesus, and I’m sure we’ll follow through because more than being my thread, He is my Designer. This blog is a reflection of the bits and pieces I see (and do, and learn) while acting on His instructions in weaving this beautiful tapestry called Life.

Not so long ago, in the somewhat quiet conference room of our office, my senior looked at my work and impatiently uttered, “See, you’re good, you should be confident of yourself!” My thoughtless response was: “I am! …when I am by myself.” A snort almost came out of me hearing how ridiculous I was. Inevitably, there came: “What’s the use of that?”

There’s a Filipino proverb that goes: “Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.” It is often used to encourage or coerce someone to do something. (From my perspective, it seems more substantial than the old English: “Where/If there’s a will, there’s a way.”) This adage essentially points out how if we want something, there’s always a way for it, if we don’t, we find myriads of reasons to let it loose.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I have been wanting to blog for quite some time, so here I am! As was expressed in my opening post:

“For the great many that are like me- confident when alone-

NOW is the time!

Pursue that job, work for that life (but sleep for those eye bags! 😉 ).

“Later” usually rarely comes around.”


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