Inspiring Interiors: Hotels, Hotels!

How would you see the best of the best hotels without leaving your home? The internet! (Happy (belated) Internaut Day!) To be more precise, please click here -and while you’re at it, why not vote for your favorites? I did!

This will be a quick post, but it won’t leave you hanging for nothing. Below are a few eye-popping interiors to inspire you for the rest of the week(end). Don’t forget to read the description bar on the website to know more details how these thoughtful designs came to be.

Beauties like these seem too good to be true, does it not? ❤

Four Seasons Hotel, Guangzhou, China - Hirsch Bedner Associates

Four Seasons Hotel, Guangzhou, China – Hirsch Bedner Associates

Jing-Ang Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, China - Hirsch Bedner Associates

Jing-Ang Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, China – Hirsch Bedner Associates

Jing-Ang Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, China - Hirsch Bedner Associates

Jing-Ang Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, China – Hirsch Bedner Associates

South Place Hotel, London - Conrad + Partners

South Place Hotel, London – Conrad + Partners

Macalister Mansion, Malaysia - Ministry of Design

Macalister Mansion, Malaysia – Ministry of Design

Jumeirah Vittaveli Hotel, Maldives - Hirsch Bedner Associates

Jumeirah Vittaveli Hotel, Maldives – Hirsch Bedner Associates

The Churchill Bar, London - Bespoke London

The Churchill Bar, London – Bespoke London

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Inspiring Interiors: Van Alen Bookstore

Yellow, in color psychology, is mostly known for being the “happy color,” but beyond that, yellow is also a color of stimulation. It aids in improving the enveloped users’ memory, sound thinking, and decision making. This is why informed designers would practically be utilizing any tone of yellow for a study area, den or library. And that precisely is what’s done with the 400sqft. space of Van Alen Bookstore in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York.

Van Alen Institute  is an independent, non-profit organization which aims to educate the mass-“public realm”- about the significance of architecture and interior design. Their bookstore veers the same path.


It is the first of its kind- a bookstore that holds only architecture and design books- in New York City back in 2011.


As living in tiny spaces, working/shopping, and especially designing a small space brings about the same amount of challenges. Yet, at the same time, it also draws out as much creativity and the guaranteed coziness.

Located in the busiest city, it is painted a bright, sunshine yellow (Does it not just remind you of their iconic cabs?) and furnished with as much recyclables as possible. Take for example this staircase which is made of seventy pieces of stacked wooden doors donated by Build It Green! NYC.


These panels are held by bolts that hang from the ceiling, while the cables serve to protect people from falling off the “art installation.”

While the glowing, bursting yellow encapsulate the space, it is juxtaposed with a concrete gray which mellows the space down and beget a stereotyped New York ambiance. It is such a simple color coordination which brings so many back stories and memories. One of which, for myself, is the series How I Met Your Mother which is set in this city 95%.

Here in the gallery-type bookstore, you could spend as much time as you want browsing and lounging by the innovative staircase which took advantage of its structurally high ceiling. You could pretend to be in the library choosing which book you are taking home for the week. It just brings back good old days of being in university.

Watch a design file video here.

Disclaimer: Click on images for source.

Inspiring Interiors: Kips Bay Show House 2013

Two days late is never that late when it comes to sharing good designs. Apparently, the 41st Kips Bay Show House ended two days ago, June 4th. This is an annual event where esteemed and privileged designers all around the globe design a luxury Manhattan home and showcase it to over 20,000 visiting admirers. The proceeds thereafter go to the after school and enrichment programs for NYC children. Every year they would choose a lucky canvass, and this year it is on the Upper East Side addressed: 161 East 64th Street, New York, NY

Other than being a charitable event, Kips Bay Show House is also recognized because it stages the platform for the interior design trends (which actually, as opposed to fashion, takes its sweet leisurely time). So in this case, your $35 would go a very long way, for yourself and for the NYC children you would be helping.

Among this year’s designer list are: Andrew Suvalsky Designs, Barbara Ostrom Associates, Christopher Peacock, Dineen Architecture + Design PC, Eve Robinson Associates, Felicia Zwebner Design, Garcia / Maldonado, Inc., Gomez Associates, Huniford Design Studio, Jack Levy Design, Judy King Interiors, Kathryn M. Ireland Textiles & Design, Kristen McGinnis Design Inc., Monica Rich Kosann Photography, Nievera Williams Design, Robert Brown Interior Design, Sara Story Design, Stephen Mooney Interiors, West Chin Architects & Interior Designers.

Sad to have missed seeing this –virtually, that is- while it was still ongoing. Oh well, who knows I might be blessed enough to be sent to New York for this next year! That said, here are a top favorites nipped from Elle. (Click image for credit and expanded info)




Leaving you more links:

Enjoy! 🙂

Inspiring Interiors: Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

When I was at the youthful age of ten, I knew I wanted to be an interior designer; and my heart have since been fixated on designing dream homes. For quite some time then, I never even thought about having to design commercial spaces and whatnots, I was merely so focused with wanting to design residential interiors. Up until this age, I’d rarely be caught researching on designs not pertaining to residential designing. But when it hits you, it hits you. Today, I am sharing a personal favorite eye-candy hotel design of mine, Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona. Welcome to HABYT’s first virtual hotel tour, “disfrutar”!

First off, the commendable and infamous Blanc Brasserie & Gastrobar (aka Restaurant Blanc).

With an interior owning such an amount of charming personality (not to mention great food, or so I read . No doubts about that, but I wish I’d be privileged enough to share from experience :p ), no one should dare question why this is the “essence” of the hotel.

Now knowing the reason why this was a love at first sight for me, let’s formally walk in from the entrance.


The atrium. It’s white, rigid lines are contrasted by the peeping colors and playful shadows emitted from adjacent rooms. Glorious and captivating in pairing. “Experience” will definitely be encountered passing through an atrium as whimsical as this.

From the thumbnail, there seemed to be an odd but strangely amusing waterworks going on in the walkway. (They would have pulled it off!) The mirrored reflection at the ceiling is an added detail to the natural ambient they were emulating.  I am in awe of how cozy and wild this room feels all together. This is “bringing nature in” at one of its most elegant attendance.

Here is a rustic, quirky and somewhat glam-vintage accent at the Banker’s Bar.

And now, for the suites and en-suites:

I can only imagine paying for these suites. Really, I can ONLY imagine. (But who knows, one can dream!)

And of course, I cannot end this tour without introducing you to the clever Patricia Urquiola, the orchestrator of this dreamland.

Disclaimer: While I daydream of visiting Barcelona and coming home to Mandarin Oriental, these images are not mine. Kindly click on the images for credits. 🙂 Head over to Mandarin Oriental Barcelona’s website and the Contemporist  for more details.