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Causeway “Villain Beating”

I’ve always wanted to take pictures of these but never got the courage to. Now I guess I don’t have to. Reblogged from 🙂

Yanyi Laura Ma

Under Canal Road Flyover, villain-beaters (da-shiu-ren), like Ms. Wong make a living by warding off gossipers or villains for around $50 HKD per beating. The ritual includes using a slipper to beat a paper doll with the villain’s name written on it, followed by a blessing for the customer.

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REBLOG: 5 Tips for Bloggers by A Beautiful Mess

Being that I am not Jenny from the block- I am newbie on the blog. (Couldn’t resist, just had to say it! 😉 ) I am not sure what things are appropriate to say, to which extent I am allowing myself to divulge, why I am sharing them, and who I am sharing with. But, being that I am…new. I understand and am certain I need to learn more than what I have set myself up. Things I might sometimes face with a melancholic smile, yet altogether would gain me heftier grins and maybe a content laughter to toss in. So, I try my best to gasp the good ones and shove my way in to learn as much as I can. And of course, cliché as it is, a small advice goes a long way.

Along my journey, I slipped in to a fun, quirky, and optimistic blog. A Beautiful Mess. Despite knowing you probably follow them too, I’d like to direct this post to one of theirs: 5 Tips for Bloggers.

This is probably the most succinct blog post I have read on this topic. If by the time you stumble across this and you’re in a place I am right now, I hope you enjoy this excerpt from their blog. (And visit theirs, if you haven’t yet.)

1.       Create a blog you’d enjoy reading.

Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured to write about anything other than what you absolutely love! … If you’re a new blogger, make a list of the five things you love most in life. These are topics that should reoccur often in your blog…

Blogging is a lot of work and it’s not worth doing if you’re not creating a blog that you wouldn’t read yourself!

2.       Develop regular features that are fun to write.

Choose one or two regular features that you are knowledgeable about and very interested in. Think of your blog as a mini magazine.

3.       Your blog is not your best friend. (This next one is purely my own personal opinion.)

If you want to write something negative on your blog, sleep on it and see how you feel the next day.  I appreciate bloggers who save heavy blog posts for important times instead of every bad day that comes along.

4.        Make friends.

Don’t be shy!

5.       Trust your instincts.

Since there are no rules when it comes to blogging, make your own. I have a mental list of certain things that I absolutely never discuss on my blog. That list makes me feel like I have a healthy balance of private vs. public life. Outside of that list, I can and will blog about anything I feel like. This keeps my blog feeling personal! Learn what you are comfortable with. You don’t have to share ‘everything’ to keep a warm and personal blog. 🙂

Well then, rereading this post handed me a much appreciated chunk of counsel. Hope you enjoy them too! And please, please drop by their blog– these are just excerpts.

Ps. In case you are wondering why I reblogged in this manner, it’s because I don’t know how to reblog without the reblog icon- is it even possible? (But this seems more constructive than just clicking an icon. hmm..) Help would be highly accepted here! 🙂