Friday Frolics: Tung Lung Chau, Hong Kong

I cannot lie. Sports is one of my greatest weakness. But early this year I was invited to join a camping trip, which because of the given reasons, I bothered to let my excitement make the judgement call. I was promised the hike would only be thirty minutes (It took 3x as much.), and that the view is worth it. The latter, on the other hand, is an understatement. It was very much worth the one and a half our hike. If you are the type, like the rest of the world, who loves getting more than what you paid for, try Tung Lung Chau. NOW. It is the perfect season!

Since it is my first time camping and had no clue about anything- from the basics as to what needs to be brought, to all the apparently savvy camping equipment nowadays… Tung Lung Chau is not a threat. Like most of Hong Kong, it provides convenience. There are three port-a-potties and basins with fresh water, roasting areas are pre-designated, signages to help you navigate, and of course, a family-owned convenient store half an hour walk down the campsite.

Here are some images from an amazing weekend.

IMG_5662 copy IMG_6148 copy IMG_5687 copy

IMG_6150 copy

Serenity, calmness and fresh air.

IMG_5759 copy

IMG_5669 copy

IMG_6186 copy

It seems like an ocean away, but some of us actually hiked up that direction. I, on the other hand, stayed on this side and consoled myself by taking an image for memory’s sake.

IMG_6188 copy

What would you give to have this view everyday?

IMG_6082 copy IMG_5803 copyIMG_5779 copy

IMG_5946 copy

A rare site in Hong Kong. A photographer or not, who won’t be captivated by this stunning beauty.

IMG_5970 copy

We ended the night barbecue-ing and eating the last bit of dinner treat.

To get here, we took the route from Yau Tong and crossed the sea via a charming, quaint ferry. Round trip transportation cost no more than HK$100 and food (thanks to an amazing chef we had with us) was less than HK$100 as well! Now, if we had more places like Tung Lung Chau, us non-sporty, weak chested people would be spoiled!

And if those weren’t enough to entice, I’ve been saving the best for last…

Creation at its best. Simply Breathtaking, is it not?

Creation at its best. Simply Breathtaking, is it not?

Visit flickr for more updated images soon.


heART and Design: At Home in Greece

Fact # 1: Greece has been on top of my Europe (wish list) itinerary, primarily for the wonderful sea view. But when I think about their architecture and interior, I always thought I do not relate to them well, as did I with Greek mythology.

Fact # 2: I have always been a heavy sleeper, and bedrooms gave me the ideal of ultimate privacy and sanctuary. On top of innumerable reasons, bedrooms have always been a favorite place of mine- to lounge in and to design.

Fact # 3: I never expected the aforementioned bits could be even more lovelier… together. In her book “At Home in Greece,” Julia Klimi gives us a deeper appreciation for Greece- the scenery, the architecture and of course, interior design.  Purchase the book here for HK readers, and here for international readers.

These are some of my favorite images (focusing on traditional Greek beds):

habyt_at home in Greece (4)

It is largely part of my immobility once I hit the bed, but I have always wanted a platform bed- this way, I don’t fall off and my items don’t fall too far down. With this U-shaped platform bed (which I think is meant for sharing), I can literally stay in bed all daaaayyy.

habyt_at home in Greece (1)

 With this one, I can even afford to entertain guest in a more “formal” manner.

habyt_at home in Greece (2)

Once in my life, I have been a fan of minimalism. At that point, this would have been more than enough to make it to my bedroom wish list.

habyt_at home in Greece (3)

Although not a platform bed, this bed still captivates me with its ethereal, flowy cocoon.  And with a cool color tone, I’m amused to say this room looks really warm. 😉

Seeing these invigorated my desire to visit Greece, but now that I have discovered another spectacular destination/recreation, I should make a mental note to not sleep in and enjoy what I originally went for. (That said, of course I will scour the internet for a hole-in-the-wall  B&B!)

Ps. Hi Hong Kong, in case you haven’t already known of this site, they sells books at competitive prices, some even almost 50% off. Most books would be shipped from straight from UK. I just recently purchased a book from them. I’ll see how it goes.

Friday Frolics: Shek-O

I have spent a grueling amount of time away from the beach, but now that summer is in the air, there’s no excuse to lock myself indoors. Shek-O is on top of my beach destinations. It is listed as one of the beaches in Hong Kong, and it is right smack in Hong Kong Island- on the south side, over looking South China Sea. Cost is less than $30 getting to and from there by bus (from the Island’s eastern district) and scrumptious meals are around $35 on the average. This pretty much is the total cost of spending an afternoon there. For miscellaneous necessities like renting a locker, it costs about $50 for three hours, while renting a bike is around $30 for an hour, and a parasol would be $100/day- if I am not mistaken. Various beach items are also sold in nearby shops in case you miss bringing anything. They cost a bit more but, hey, if you’re already there, what practical thing is left to do, right?

I would say it is really refreshing to visit these suburbs of Hong Kong. Such lovely, unexpected escapes considering they could probably be reached in less than an hour’s trip from the polluted, crowded cities. Here are some images to drag you there this summer:

shek-o 2012 (5)

shek-o 2012 (4)

shek-o 2012 (1)

shek-o 2012 (2)

shek-o 2012 (3)

Went there around June 2012. I’d say it was a nice experience altogether. Water’s clear, obviously. Sand was fine. And on top of that, it was not so crowded, but it was not desolate either.

More of Hong Kong beaches and retreats in the following weeks to come. I am also expecting to read a lot more blogs on beaches around the world as the season’s calling for them. Although, I have to admit, as much as I love the water, I am sad cold season’s over.

Ps. Please excuse my shaky arms, I’m getting a tripod (or sturdier arms) soon!

Pps. Prices are in HKD. Click here  for currency conversions.

Friday Frolics: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

These shots were take a little less than two years ago- some favorites from my collection. What I love about them is the fact that most, if not all, of them are unplanned, unstrategized shots and they turned out to be more pleasant than expected.

habyt 04.25 (5)


habyt 04.25 (6)

habyt 04.25 (4)

habyt 04.25 (1)

habyt 04.25 (2)

habyt 04.25 (3)

This last one looks kind of morbid and sad. Sorry. I took a picture cos this was my first time seeing a jellyfish (not constrained in an aquarium).

These were from  my short trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar– they call it a “living museum.” A fitting description to the hotel/resort. The owner was more than thoughtful of salvaging these traditional Filipino architecture and congregating them together where locals and tourist could experience the beauty, charm, and artistry of the Filipino people collectively. They were working with a few more additions the last time I visited; hope to go back in the near future and see what they’ve done!

Ps. If you want a better view of what they have to offer, visit their website. 🙂 I promise the architecture and interior is breathtaking. Have a few shots of them myself here.