heART and Design : Netflix : ABSTRACT | The Art of Design

Some choose interior design for the glamour. Some wiser ones go for design for the aesthetic pleasure. The wisest ones are those that turn to design for the desire of a balanced ergonomic, beauty, practicality, precision, and empathy on treating a space.

Ilse Crawford is definitely the latter. Her works showcase much thoughtfulness juxtaposed with a sophisticated design flair. Most admirable is her perception of what design is and what it should be. How can she not, having come from Elle? Editing and growing the publication within 71 issues in 9 years.

To all those considering to venture to taking design as a career, please join the industry for the passion, not for the perceived glamour (it is anything but that), or assuming it will be an easy choice (it will prove otherwise).

Netflix’s ABSTRACT | The Art of Design (episode 8) would be a great in-depth look into the field.


Monday Motivations:

With the murky war that has been going on against my limited logic and hopefully-still-unshakable faith, this has been a significant blessing.

Trusting it would be to each and every viewer as well. Let’s keep waiting on God, and persevering in whatever situation we are currently in. 2013 must, should, and will be great. Let’s do our best! Let’s claim God’s promises. 🙂